Niigata City Art Museum

As a place for not only the appreciation of art, but also the relaxation through art, the Museum was opened on October 13th 1985.The Museum aims at contributing to the creation and development of the local art culture.Having a nice environment with the emotional mood of Niigata reproduced through the ‘moats’ and ‘willows’ of Nishiohata Park, the Museum aims at being an ‘Open Museum’ loved by, and familiar to the citizens of Niigata.

Exhibitions 2020-2021

Special Exhibition

  • AKIRA NAGASAWA - An Endless Landscape -
    Sat., Apr. 25–Sun., June 7, 2020 *closed till May 12th due to Covid-19
    Akira Nagasawa (1967- ), from Kita Ward in Niigata City, started his career with Japanese-style paintings and is now active domestically and internationally. In multifaceted ways in two and three dimensions and in art installations, this exhibition presents a range of his works from some of the earliest through original illustrations for the picture book published last year.
  • Marunuma Art Park Collection: Ben Shahn
    Tue., June 16–Wed., July 29, 2020
    Ben Shahn (1898-1969) painted American society from the 1930’s through 1960’s. In this exhibition, approximately 150 of his watercolor paintings, sketches, and prints are on display.
  • Ryuzaburo Shikiba: Mirrors of Cerebral Ventricles
    Sat., Aug. 8–Sun., Sep. 27, 2020
    This exhibition presents the contributions of Ryuzaburo Shikiba (1898-1965), a psychiatrist who was born in what is now Gosen City. He influenced the interests of the public through the Van Gogh reproductions and Kiyoshi Yamashita exhibitions that traveled around Japan, as well as his writings that combine the refined and vulgar such as his explanation of the unique architecture of the Nishōtei residence.
  • Beautiful Women from East to West: Bijin-ga fromthe Kihara-Bunko Collection
    Sat., Oct. 31–Sun., Dec. 13, 2020
    From the private Kihara-Bunko Collection of modern Japanese-style paintings that showcase elegant line work, this exhibition presents famous works such as “Bijin-ga” (paintings of beautiful women) by Kiyokata Kaburaki and Seien Shima, Kachō-ga (paintings depicting flowers and birds) and genre paintings by Taikan Yokoyama, Seihō Takeuchi, and Keisen Tomita.
  • 75th Anniversary of Original Publication: The Railway Series Thomas & Friends Exhibition
    What our friends on Sodor Island taught us
    Thu., Dec. 24, 2020–Sun., Mar. 28, 2021
    “Thomas & Friends”, seen in picture books, puppet shows, and animation, is loved around the world. This exhibition looks back on the original point of the messages that Wilbert Awdry (1911-1997) wanted to deliver to children.

Collection Gallery

  • Collection I
    Sat., Apr. 25–Sun., June 7, 2020
    This exhibition features works that color to your mood from spring through early summer, including the light captured by Pierre Bonnard, craftwork with plant motifs, the fresh expressions that Pablo Picasso and Alberto Giacometti strived for. Additionally, newly acquired items in the collection from Junzaburo Nishiwaki and Kiyoji Kumagai are featured.
  • Collection II
    Tue., June 16–Sun., Dec. 6, 2020
    This exhibition focuses on works from the collection by the themes that make you want to take some time to meditate on and appreciate such as: “war and peace” in works by Masaki Suematsu, Max Ernst, etc.; the “gaze of the artist” in the works of Tetsuzo Sato; and the expression and effects of printed media in paintings sought by artists like Pablo Picasso. Pieces are also arranged to match the season.
  • Collection III: Remembrance of the Clivia
    Thu., Dec. 24, 2020–Sun., Mar. 28, 2021
    Niigata City native Akira Sazen (1936-1991) created oil paintings utilizing photographs and photomontage. “Memories” fragmented and transformed by photographs lead us to reminiscence. Ponder the relationship between memories and photographs with a focus on Sazen’s works.

    Other Exhibitions

    The 52nd Annual Niigata City Art Exhibition
    Part 1: Wed., Oct. 14–Sun., Oct. 18 /Part 2: Wed., Oct. 21–Sun., Oct. 25


    Opening hours

    9:30am ~ 6:00pm
    *9:30am ~ 5:00pm from December 24th, 2020 till March 28th, 2021


    Monday (in the case where Monday is a public holiday or replacement holiday, the following Tuesday will be taken as a holiday)
    New Years holiday (from December 28th to January 2nd)
    (Occasionally the holidays may be changed)


    5191-9, Nishiohata-cho,Chuo-ku, Niigata City, 951-8556


    TEL+81-25-223-1622 ; FAX+81-25-228-3051

    Admission fees

    Class Collection Gallery Special Exhibition
    Regular 200yen (160yen) The fee in brackets shows the fee per person when there is a group of 20 or more people The fee depends on the exhibition
    University & Highscool students 150yen (110yen)
    Junior highschool & Elementary school students 100yen (70yen)
    • Paying to see a Special Exhibition also entitles you to see the Collection Gallery at no extra cost.
    • Niigata City Art Museum’s special exhibitions and entry to the Collection Gallery are free of charge to people possessing a disabled person’s pass.

    Special admission and facility fees

    For fees regarding special viewing (such as taking photographs, copying paintings, copying objects, and close inspections) and the use of the Museum’s facilities, please apply to the administration office beforehand.

    How to get the Museum & the Necessary time

    • Taxi / From Niigata Station’s Bandai exit; about 10 minutes.
    • Using Kan-etsu, Hokuriku, Ban-etsu Expressway / From the Niigata Chuo Interchange ; about 25 minutes.
    • To Niigata Station / By the Joetsu Shinkansen from Tokyo to Niigata; about 2 hours
    • To Niigata Airport / From Osaka; about 1 hour 15 minutes.
    • To Niigata Airport / From Nagoya; about 1 hour.
    • From Niigata Airport to Niigata Station; about 25 minutes by bus.